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Re-open Medical Practice: 9 Ways to Prepare Your Practice for Safe Reopening after the COVID-19 Pandemic Closure

Imtiaz Ahmad, MD
Last updated : May 04, 2020

As the State and Federal government determine that it is safe to see patients and stay-at-home restrictions are relaxed, physician practices should strategically plan when and how best to reopen. This guide includes a step-by-step plan that medical practices need to focus now to avoid disruption or delay in medical care.

Key Points

  1. Create a Re-open Plan.
  2. Safety of staff and patients is key.
  3. Integrate telehealth with in-person visits.
  4. Limit patient-practice mutual exposure.
  5. Maintain social distancing whenever possible.
  6. Daily COVID-19 screening for practice staff.
  7. Sanitation and personal hygiene (mask,gloves and hand washing).
  8. Disallow symptomatic employees to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider.
  9. Contact tracing following employee COVID+ test.

Pre-opening planning will be vitally important to the success of your practice’s Re-Open plan. In this guide, we dig into 9 principles, answer common questions, and share best practices that will help you confidently. Re-Open your practice without jeopardizing your employees or patient safety while ensuring revenue stream increases back to your baseline or better..
You’ll learn:

  • How to make COVID-19 education and awareness plan for employees, patients and visitors to your practice
  • How to develop a communication plan for your practice
  • A 4-step framework for designing the most effective Re-Open experience
  • Essential tools for maximizing employee engagement
  • The harsh reality of preparing your practice’s physical environment for Re-Open
  • How to design and optimize patient flow in your practice to encourage social distancing principles.
  • Explain the concept of Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) zone and implement in your practice
If you’re looking to Re-Open your medical practice safely while rapidly increasing your revenue, this guide is a must-read.
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