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gtd approach

The 5-Step GTD Approach with DocCharge

“Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.” -David Allen

Whether or not you agree with the insights for proactive management, one cannot deny the influence of Getting Things Done by David Allen on industries across diverse domains. Today, we’re bringing this strategy to the health and charge capture platform: helping all individuals in a medical practice (clinicians, billers, practice managers) coordinate together in a timely manner to get things done.

Let’s start with the 5 steps:

STEP 1: Capture

Capture 100% of everything that has your attention in a HIPAA compliant and secure manner in TWO major ways: the mobile application and desktop portal.

There’s no need to clutter your mind with logistics when all pertinent patient information (including facesheets and hospital logistics) are recorded and uploaded in the rounding sheet by practice staff and physicians. Furthermore, physicians are able to utilize the integrated to-do lists and follow-up actions for each patient to coordinate effortlessly with the care team.

Step 2: Clarify

Now that you’ve got your information, process it: what does it mean and what is your next step? DocCharge promotes the clarification process in a variety of ways:

Practice Staff and New Patients: Before accepting a new patient, physicians can view the information on their mobile device. After clarifying both their and the patient’s needs, the physician directly communicates with the staff by either accepting, declining, or re-assigning the patient to a fellow colleague.

Billers: For any queries regarding a specific patient, billers can directly message the provider from the desktop portal.

Physicians and Clinicians: Need to check if the medical necessity information is appropriate to your particular ICD and CPT Code? Our CodeMed Feature on the desktop portal gives you complete access to the ICD/CPT and LCD database.

Step 3: Organize

Now that you’ve clarified what you need, what is your next step and how can you do this under two minutes?!

Charge Capture: HOT CPT, Favorite, and ICD/CPT combos allow for easy access to appropriately choose physician services for each patient. Click directly on the charge code from your mobile rounding sheet.

New Patient: In several clicks, decide whether you as a clinician will accept, decline, or re-assign a new patient for the most appropriate care.

Care Coordination: All essential players in practice management have access to the same portal and communication platform. View, enquire, and coordinate in a timely and organized manner.

Step 4: Reflect

What kind of platform would we be if we didn’t allow clear analytics to what is happening in your practice?

Portal Dashboard: View your practice analytics by commonly used codes, RVU, physicians and so much more. The purpose is to help you obtain a clear snapshot of what is happening in your practice. So make sure to review frequently!

Step 5: Engage

Each practice, like each patient, is unique. So now that you’ve got all the tools to get you in action, let’s work together to tailor your needs and get things done!

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