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When it comes to the realm of creating novel approaches to old problems, understanding how accurately individuals recognize a successful platform captivates some of top universities’ social scientists today.

A series of studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business takes a look into this idea, questioning which group of individuals: managers, audiences, or fellow creators, would be most accurate in pinpointing an original success.

In the words of Professor Adam Grant, a Harvard organizational psychologist, “instead of attempting to assess our own originality, we ought to turn more to our colleagues.” Our colleagues are the ones who lack the hindering risk aversion to help us see the potential in possibilities.

Turns out, the studies support the idea that our colleague’s evaluations are most reliable in judgement and accuracy.

Thus, we would like to welcome you to take part in The DocCharge Physician Innovator Program.

With this program, you have the opportunity to be part of an innovative, Florida-based medical startup, designed to help improve medical practice by using incredibly simple technology.

Your input from the DocCharge platform will provide valuable feedback ensuring effective steps to improve the charge capture and revenue process.

At the end of the day, your insights are most valuable.

So Physician Innovator, your colleagues are waiting. What exactly are YOU waiting for?



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