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DocCharge Addresses Gaps in the Current EHR System

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have contributed to transforming digital methods in medical practices, yet cumbersome gaps for how medical information is processed continues to exist. These gaps are further magnified for clinicians in solo and private practices.

The following article discusses two essential points:


  1. Gaps associated with the limitations of the current EHR system
  2. How mobile health applications, such as DocCharge, addresses these gaps


Charge Capture: Paper-based & Easily Misplaced

The story about carrying around paper charge sheets or a napkin filled with essential codes is a familiar story to many and an appreciated struggle by few. Some may have mastered the art of capturing charges in a paper-based form, but the concern remains:

Paper-based charge capture is ineffective, timely, and costly with the high risk for miscommunication and error between billers, practice managers, and physicians.

DocCharge closes this gap by providing a digital and mobile system where medical codes can be organized and charges can be added at the point of patient care. All while being shared in real time (without the paper, wait, and errors) amongst relevant individuals.


Patient Information: Lack of Secure Access Outside of EHR Facility

One of the largest limitations in the EHR system is a database that can only be accessed securely in-house; leaving out-of-office access to pertinent patient information an unmet need amongst many clinicians.

DocCharge addresses this need by allowing clinicians and practices access to information in an NIST-03 secure, HIPAA compliant manner via a cloud-based mobile application and desktop portal.


Communicate, Coordinate & Comply: Final Notes for a Better Way

Inevitable changes in ICD/CPT and federal regulation requirements not only disrupts traditional documentation methods, but calls for simpler yet stricter criteria for working in medical practices.

This proposes a unique need amongst practices: how can we easily access information that discusses medical necessity and compliance information?

Fortunately, the DocCharge platform meets this need in multiple approaches:

  1. A special desktop feature that allows you to search updated Medicare requirements
  2. Direct Communication with your colleagues (clinicians, billers and practice managers)
  3. Access to a simple and intuitive platform that helps you navigate coding complexities

Whether you are a clinician, practice manager, biller or anyone in the medical practice system, your time is better invested communicating and coordinating with your practice and patients.

To experience how DocCharge addresses these gaps in your own practice, try out our 30 DAY FREE TRIAL here, no contract or credit card required.

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