Urologists and medical billers who are responsible for coding and billing for urologic services need to have a thorough understanding of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) codes specific to urology to ensure that claims are processed correctly and reimbursement is obtained
ICD-10 Codes for Urology for 2023

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Urologists and medical billers who are responsible for coding and billing for urologic services need to have a thorough understanding of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) codes specific to urology to ensure that claims are processed correctly and reimbursement is obtained. It’s important to know that urology codes are divided into several categories such as nephropathies, acute kidney failure, calculi of the urinary tract, disorders of the male genitourinary organs, disorders of the female pelvic organs and noninflammatory disorders of the female genital tract.

It’s important for billers to be accurate and specific when coding for urology services, as the codes can have a significant impact on the reimbursement received from insurance payers. Furthermore, billers need to be familiar with the procedure codes such as CPT codes which are used to bill for the procedures performed by the urologist.

In 2023, a couple of new nephropathy codes were published. For example, you will see new code N14.11 (Contrast-induced nephropathy). Code N14.11 will also include contrast medium, radiography nephropathy. You will also see new code N14.19 (Nephropathy induced by other drugs, medicaments and biological substances) in 2023.

In summary, urology is a complex field with a wide range of conditions and treatments. Medical billers must have a good understanding of the ICD-10 codes specific to urology and the procedure codes used to bill for services in order to ensure that claims are processed correctly and reimbursement is obtained.

In 2023, CMS published a new category N80.A- (Endometriosis of bladder and ureters). New codes in that category include the following:

N80.A0 (Endometriosis of bladder, unspecified depth). Note: This code will also include endometriosis of the bladder NOS.

Following are the major categories of ICD-10 codes for Urology. It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of all codes related to urology, specific codes may vary depending on the specific diagnosis

Codes Code Description
N00-N99 Diseases of the genitourinary system
N10-N16 Nephropathies
N10 Acute nephritic syndrome
N11 Nephrotic syndrome
N12 Nephritis and nephropathy, not elsewhere classified
N13 Obstructive and reflux uropathy
N15 Other kidney disorders in diseases classified elsewhere
N20-N23 Urolithiasis
N25.0 Acute kidney failure with tubular necrosis
N30-N39 Other diseases of the urinary tract
N40-N53 Diseases of male genital organs
N60-N64 Diseases of the breast
N70-N77 Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs
N80-N98 Noninflammatory disorders of female pelvic organs

Here is a table of specific ICD-10 codes for urology:

CodesCode Description
N30.0Cystitis, unspecified
N30.9Cystitis, unspecified
N31.0Neuromuscular dysfunction of bladder, unspecified
N31.1Detrusor muscle dysfunction
N31.2Hyperreflexia of bladder
N31.3Other neurogenic bladder
N31.4Hypoactive sexual desire disorder
N31.8Other specified disorders of bladder
N31.9Disorder of bladder, unspecified
N32.0Urethritis, unspecified
N32.1Gonococcal urethritis
N32.2Nongonococcal urethritis
N32.8Other specified urethritis
N32.9Urethritis, unspecified
N33.0Stricture of urethra, unspecified
N33.1Stricture of urethra, male
N33.2Stricture of urethra, female
N33.3Stricture of urethra, male and female
N33.8Other specified disorders of urethra
N33.9Disorder of urethra, unspecified
N34.0Urethral diverticulum, unspecified
N34.1Urethral diverticulum, male
N34.2Urethral diverticulum, female
N34.3Urethral diverticulum, male and female
N34.8Other specified disorders of urethra
N34.9Disorder of urethra, unspecified
N35.0Male urethral abscess
N35.1Male urethral fistula
N35.2Male urethral stricture following surgery
N35.3Male urethral stricture following radiation therapy
N35.4Male urethral stricture following trauma
N35.5Male urethral stricture following infection
N35.6Male urethral stricture following inflammation
N35.7Male urethral stricture, idiopathic
N35.8Other specified disorders of male urethra
N35.9Disorder of male urethra, unspecified
N36.0Female urethral abscess
N36.1Female urethral fistula
N36.2Female urethral stricture following surgery
N36.3Female urethral stricture following radiation therapy
N36.4Female urethral stricture following trauma
N36.5Female urethral stricture following infection
N36.6Female urethral stricture following inflammation
N36.7Female urethral stricture, idiopathic
N36.8Other specified disorders of female urethra
N36.9Disorder of female urethra, unspecified

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