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The Launch of DocCharge App

The Launch of DocCharge App

The Launch of DocCharge App

Florida-based physician productivity app rapidly improving revenue for medical practices
FORT MYERS, Florida 2/12/18

DocCharge is announcing the launch of an innovative technology platform, created for physicians to save time and increase productivity. The app allows physicians to capture patient billings, communicate with their office, and maximize revenue by avoiding lost charges. DocCharge has been designed to bring success to the physician, medical practice, and billing company.

DocCharge is a cloud-based system, allowing physicians to manage their out of office rounds from anywhere. It’s also HIPAA compliant, with industry-leading security and redundant back-ups.

During DocCharges trial phase, physicians saved 30-60 minutes per day with the app’s easy to use charge capture system (with an equivalent value of approximately $52,000). The app also helped eliminate denials by ensuring accurate coding.

DocCharge app users saw a reduction in account receivable days by providing billing data to billers in real time, instead of the average submission of 7-10 days. Billers also saw an improvement when inputting data.Typically, a biller would take on average 12 minutes to input data and with the help of DocCharge it’s down to 3 minutes, an incredible 75% increase in productivity!

All new users receive 30 days of FREE trial, no credit card required to sign up and may cancel anytime. This is an attractive way for innovative physicians to try out a new medical application that can save them time and improve their revenue.

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