With the transition into a digital health era, there is little surprise that mobile charge capture applications are the future. DocCharge provides a return on investment by reducing lost charges and increasing one’s accuracy in coding.

Top Three Mobile Applications for Physician Productivity

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Doctors are always on the go. Whether it’s to the hospital or the practice, to grab coffee or pick up the kids. There are things to do and places to be. So to save you time, we’ve compiled the three best mobile apps to maximize your day.

With the transition into a digital health era, there is little surprise that mobile charge capture applications are the future. DocCharge provides a return on investment by reducing lost charges and increasing one’s accuracy in coding. Imagine having instantaneous access to your patient list, coding with accuracy enhancement, and real time transmittance to your billing staff. All while being HIPAA compliant. No need to find the time later in your day to write down procedures and diagnostic codes. No need to relay that information manually. Consistent delivery of charges expedites your billing process, allowing you to focus your out-of-office time, on your needs.

Epocrates is the #1 medical reference app, used by several million physicians, pharmacists, nurses and med students. It’s a “free” app that lets you look up information on drug dosing, interactions and contraindications, and much more at the cost of being bombarded by marketing by pharmaceutical companies pushing their wares. Its convenience is immense when being with a patient and checking a medication. Despite its windfall, the wealth of information cannot be passed up on. Epocrates is far larger and more comprehensive than its main competitors and best of all, it’s “free”.

MDCalc known by medical students everywhere not by name, but by website design, is a source for medical equations, scores and algorithms for use in the practice of evidence based medicine. It is a clinical decision application that helps providers learn and apply decisions in specific care situations. Instantaneous access to information such as Creatinine Clearance as per the Cockcroft-Gault equation, HEART score for major cardiac events to Child-Pugh Scores to estimate cirrhosis severity. Always needed and readily accessible, there is something here for every specialty.

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DocCharge is a mobile physician productivity platform enabling physicians and clinicians to save time by efficiently capture patient billings, communicate with back office and maximize revenue by avoiding lost charges using real-time analytics on a mobile device. Designed by a physician for fellow physicians, residents/fellows, and mid-level providers, DocCharge maximizes one’s productivity. Practice Administrators and outsourced billing companies find the application very intuitive, thus improving practice efficiency and revenue.
DocCharge is transforming healthcare data into useful and actionable insights, thereby allowing partner subscribers to focus their resources on the core business of providing high quality patient care. For more information, visit, email:

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