Mobile charge capture apps like DocCharge to bill for services to get paid faster. These technologies help practices bill accurately , get paid much faster and likely increase revenue 3-5% on an annual basis.

Mobile Charge Capture Technology Helps Doctors Increase Revenue and Get Paid Faster

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Following patient visits during hospital rounds, physicians and mid-level providers started to use newer generations of mobile charge capture apps like DocCharge to bill for services to get paid faster. These technologies help practices bill accurately , get paid much faster and likely increase revenue 3-5% on an annual basis.

Traditionally, this time-consuming medical billing process relied on stacks of rounding sheets batched for billers to file correctly. This paper based process takes time, increases chances to lose charges and is liable to inaccurate coding. Nevertheless, with the introduction and widespread use of smart mobile devices, the speed and accuracy of the technology have transformed the practice into one of rapid electronic capture at the point of care.

According to the data, a considerable proportion of physicians continues to be more strongly reliant on practice earnings and success than employed physicians (who are often salaried and protected by the hospital system). Physicians classified as ‘independent’ or ‘associated’ frequently require revenue-enhancing methods even more than their employed counterparts. Still, they have less access to the instruments to make revenue capture more accessible and compliant.

Payment for services delivered is accomplished through the charge capture process. Following the documentation of patient interaction in the medical record, physicians or their medical billing and coding staff assign codes to claims for reimbursement purposes. The principles are subsequently translated into charges by the staff. Let us see how mobile charge capture technologies help doctors. But before that, you have to know what the healthcare revenue cycle actually is.


To keep up with the industry’s transformation from fee-for-service reimbursement to value-based reimbursement, healthcare revenue cycle management must evolve. Healthcare organizations are well-known for saving lives and treating patients, but they also need to build successful processes and policies to maintain their financial viability. This is where revenue cycle management in healthcare comes into play.

Managing the administrative and clinical processes connected with claim processing, payment, and revenue generation is healthcare revenue cycle management (HRCM). A patient service revenue collection process comprises the identification, management, and collection of revenue from patient services.

The financial process is critical in ensuring that healthcare organizations can continue to provide treatment to their patients. Healthcare revenue cycle management (HRCM) is used by facilities to collect earnings and, as a result, keep spending under control.


The need of capturing all services and supplies in documentation is explained below:

According to the AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association) , accurate and complete clinical documentation throughout patient contact is crucial for medical billing and coding. It is possible that the organization may be denied a claim and that the service will be written off if the service is not adequately documented in the medical record by physicians or their personnel. It becomes super easy to have the patients’ data and information and check and balance the resources and working by the Doctors and physicians. Applications such as are helpful for doctors and patients simultaneously. It would be best if you used it to connect the patients and doctors. In this way, technology is improving the services and also helps the doctors for a better understanding of the patient’s situation by checking the record in just one click.


For every medical practice that seeks reimbursement from insurance companies for their services, charge capture is essential to their success. We have seen that mobile technology is working to a great success in helping patients and doctors. Usually, paper based charge capture is very time consuming for a busy doctor and physicians will lose charges easily. So, one should use such charge capture apps for error-free and real time claim filing.


Charge capture is crucial for the success of any healthcare institution that seeks reimbursement from insurance companies for the services they provide to their patients. If the services are not reflected on the reimbursement form, the clinician or facility will not be reimbursed for those services, resulting in a loss of revenue for the clinician or facility.

In the healthcare industry, charge capture is a method through which doctors and other health care providers bill for the services they provide to patients. Physicians may now record charges in mobile apps like DocCharge on their phones with a single click and send them immediately to the billing office, thus eliminating the need for paper transfers.

Guest post by Ahsan Hashmi

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