Mobile charge capture has the capacity to revolutionize the way you work. In traditional charge capture, you depend too heavily on paper to record information about medical billing.

Why Using a Platform Agnostic Mobile Charge Capture Platform Matters

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Mobile charge capture has the capacity to revolutionize the way you work. In traditional charge capture, you depend too heavily on paper to record information about medical billing. By replacing paper with robust technology, you can save time and boost revenue. While there are many mobile charge capture apps, there are certain features you should seek. In this post, we’re discussing the importance that it be platform agnostic.


In the world of software, platform agnostic describes the design and structure of an application. If the software is deemed platform agnostic, it can efficiently operate across multiple platforms. This means the app’s architecture is flexible, rather than rigid. It’s a necessity with almost every software on the market, allowing users greater adaptability.

Platform agnostic also correlates with interoperability. Healthcare organizations often use multiple systems in conjunction with an EHR. A software’s ability to integrate with any EHR is vital in the quest for all systems to communicate seamlessly.


A closed ecosystem has very little value to users. As a busy physician, you need technology that supports you no matter where you are or what device you are using and has the capacity to be interoperable with your EHR. While you may currently use some type of digital medical billing software, how does it behave across all platforms?

If it isn’t adaptable, then you are extremely limited in how you can use it, so it may not actually be offering better productivity or efficiency. With a platform agnostic mobile charge capture app, like DocCharge, you have the best of all worlds.

It works as an app on any smartphone while also offering a desktop version for your staff to use. You don’t have to carry around multiple devices to use the app, making it very convenient and simple. It also has the capacity to integrate with other platforms, including EHRs.

Along with being simplified, you’ll also realize greater accuracy. Accuracy in medical billing is often hard to achieve. Technology gives you an opportunity to make it more so. However, that technology has to be flexible and adaptable. Most importantly, that means when you use the app to capture charges in the moment during rounds, that information is then available for your staff to file claims in a timely manner.

With these productivity boosts, you could soon see an improvement in your practice’s cash flow. When charges are entered the same day, you’ll get paid faster. Plus, you’re much less likely to miss charges, ensuring you will be reimbursed for all services provided.


DocCharge is leading the way in the mobile charge capture industry. Because physicians designed it, it perfectly aligns with your workflows. And since it works across any type of device or operating system, you’ll never need to make accommodations for universal adoption. Experience DocCharge today by scheduling a demo.

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