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3 Essential Questions to Finding the Right Physician Productivity Platform

Physician Productivity Platform

Physician productivity platforms provide highly-secure, technology-based services essential for saving time and maximizing physician’s and practice’s revenue.

Key characteristics of a successful platform include:

  1. Intuitive understanding of medical practice analytics
  2. Simplified mobile access to essential tools that captures patient charges, shares patient information with partners, and provides easy access to favorite and commonly used codes
  3. Security: Data and application security is paramount. Therefore, the application needs to be not only HIPAA compliant, but highly secured with standards set by any national or international security standard setting organization. Such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Physician Productivity platforms, including DocCharge, understand how security plays a pivotal role in addition to streamlining efficiency for one’s practice. Thus, we have broken down three insightful questions to help find the right physician productivity platform for you.

Q1: How does this platform utilize my practice analytics to provide actionable insight?

Mobile applications generate massive levels of information every second, every day. Therefore practices with technology-based services have an advantage to identifying areas for driving down costs and improving overall satisfaction.

This advantage comes from using an analytical tool that tracks patterns and organizes trends. By providing detailed reports, a successful platform will show real-time breakdown of analytics and offer actionable insights to improve problematic areas.

Most reputable Health IT companies, such as PatientKeeper and Ingenious Med, offer such analytics. Yet, they lack the edge for intuitive usability and improvement options.

Since simple and secure mobile access allows for quick identification of missing charges (thus improving revenue), DocCharge offers daily, monthly, and yearly patient encounter analysis and revenue data in a highly intuitive, mobile responsive manner.

Practice analytics may be the most valuable tool for identifying problems and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Q2: What is mobile charge capture and why is user experience essential for maximizing my revenue?

Charge Capture describes the process by which patient and procedural information is captured during a medical practice’s billing and revenue cycle. Because errors can significantly impact revenue, timely and accurate information transfer is essential for ensuring positive return.

  • Revenue loss due to lost charges results in $25,000 annually
  • Revenue loss due to under-coding costs practices is $36,000 annually, according to an estimate reported by American Academy of Family Practice (AAFP)
  • Revenue loss from using paper or EMR charge capture can costs as much as $113,000 annually
  • This does not include time spent capturing patient charges using traditional desktop based EMR portal (annualized estimated value of $52,000).

Hint: another reason why having mobile charge capture tools is crucial for physicians success.

Our own analysis pinpointed the following features needed for a successful mobile charge capture application:

  1. Searching, favoriting, and combining relevant ICD/CPT codes
  2. Viewing patient demographics, diagnosis, and charges in a single glance
  3. Adding multiple patients, images, follow-up lists, and codes all within a few clicks

While most platforms incorporate some of these features, DocCharge takes it a step further by using an innovative mobile design, guided by a practicing physician’s experience to integrate all three within a patient rounding list.

Nonetheless, capturing services is only half the battle. Which leads to our last question:

Q3: Does this system allow me to effectively AND securely communicate with office staff, providers, and billers in REAL TIME?

Using technology-based tools alone is not enough to save time and maximize revenue. A continuous, secure and immediate transfer of information drives the success of a physician productivity platform within a medical practice.

Therefore, DocCharge emphasizes the necessity of real-time communication and access for billers, providers, and office staff alike. Protected by a HIPAA compliant and NIST approved security shield, DocCharge equally emphasizes the protection and privacy of all healthcare communication.

The Future of Physician Productivity Platforms

Despite the transformation of physician productivity with secure communication, charge capture techniques, and actionable insights, many needs continue to remain unmet.

Fortunately, technological advancements offer insightful analytics. As more medical practices get involved with technology platforms such as DocCharge, we are sure these needs will be met in no time.

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