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DocCharge is a mobile productivity platform: Charge Capture, ICD/CPT Database, HIPAA Compliant messaging, Care Coordination & medical billing software for physicians. Designed by physicians to make the daily rounding process more effective. We are offering User-friendly mobile app allows physicians to capture charges on the go, in real-time, during hospital rounding.

How to Add Charges to New and Established Patients using the DocCharge Mobile Application

Who Adds New Patients from the DocCharge Mobile AppTypically physicians and clinicians.

New and Established Patients who need ICD and CPT charges
A. Diagnosis (ICD-10)*
Diagnosis (ICD-10)
B. Charges (CPT)
C. Combos (ICD-CPT) Only CPT Shown
Combos (ICD-CPT) Only CPT Shown
D. For Adding Modifiers
For Adding Modifiers
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DocCharge: Be productive again! Practice analytics, mobile charge capture, HIPAA compliant messaging, and tools for billers.
DocCharge is a mobile physician productivity platform enabling physicians and clinicians to save time by efficiently capture patient billings, communicate with back office and maximize revenue by avoiding lost charges using real-time analytics on a mobile device. Designed by a physician for fellow physicians, residents/fellows, and mid-level providers, DocCharge maximizes one’s productivity. Practice Administrators and outsourced billing companies find the application very intuitive, thus improving practice efficiency and revenue.
DocCharge is transforming healthcare data into useful and actionable insights, thereby allowing partner subscribers to focus their resources on the core business of providing high quality patient care. For more information, visit, email:

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