Developing and accessing a medical knowledge coding base efficiently and in a timely manner is critical to the operation of billing staff and the revenue cycle of your practice.

Resources to Strengthen your Medical Coding Knowledge Base

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Developing and accessing a medical knowledge coding base efficiently and in a timely manner is critical to the operation of billing staff and the revenue cycle of your practice. Certain codes will be used far more frequently depending on your specialty and practice flow. Knowing the nuances of the various coding systems is integral to getting the most financial return for the work you’ve done.

Your knowledge base should be comprised of texts including books and online resources. In today’s modern age, technology will facilitate a large portion of the education of your staff in relation to medical coding.

Here are several resources which should serve as the backbone for your knowledge coding base.


The AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) is the premier and the largest medical coding training and certification association. The AAPC provides educational materials, courses, and the certifications and accreditations needed. The organization also boasts one of the largest reference libraries for all things medically coding related, many of them free of charge.

These textbooks will serve as the backbone for your medical knowledge coding base.  Having access to the most current codes and regulations yields maximum reimbursement. ICD 2019 provides the entire updated set of codes in its most recent format. The tabular list of injuries and diseases and injuries is organized for maximum efficiency to facilitate maximum accuracy and profit. Principles of CPT coding is split into two halves, one dedicated to CPT coding, the other HCPCS. The HCPCS Codebook will teach your staff how to effectively manage reporting and reimbursement for supplies and services in physician, hospital outpatient and ASC settings. These volumes are integral for intermediate to advanced coding and healthcare professionals.


The MGMA or Medical Group Management Association is an organization which serves as a revenue cycle under resource for billing and code documentation. The group provides resources for making individuals indispensable and medical practices more efficient. Some of the resources needed are behind a paywall however.


CodeMed is an advanced form of billing knowledge built in and used in conjunction with DocCharge. CodeMed is powered by AI, and is used to streamline your practices coding needs and information that is medically necessary. The AI allows you to you determine LCD or local coverage determination per individual CPT code and vice versa. The AI also works to avoid denials and improves coding specificity by searching for the necessary code via medical diagnosis, terminology and other pertinent keywords.

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