If you are wondering what is mobile charge capture, learn all about this technology and why every physician should leverage it to get paid faster.
what is mobile charge capture

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When asking what is mobile charge capture, let’s start with the basics. Charge capture is the term used to describe how healthcare providers document fees for services. Traditionally, this process was paper-based (and still is for many!), but advancements have been made to integrate this into EHRs, which may have limitations or interoperability issues.

Mobile charge capture simplifies the process and is an app-based solution that is platform agnostic and allows physicians to record all charges in real-time in seconds. The application is intuitive and offers users access to accurate codes. The costs are recorded and can then be submitted for payment fast.


How much time do you waste every day on charge capture? You could be losing as much as 30 to 60 minutes a day with inefficient processes. When that time adds up, you’re looking at days lost in billing, taking away from more high-value efforts like patient care.

Mobile charge capture also reduces errors and claim denials. First, all the charges are entered digitally, so there’s no issue of attempting to decipher illegible coding on paper sheets. Next, you have access to up to date codes. Third, you’ll be able to pull up your entire patient database, ensuring you don’t make any mistakes.

In addition to saving time and reducing errors, mobile charge capture can accelerate the time from service to payment. In standard charge capture, you could be waiting up to 80 days to get paid. That’s because there are too many steps involved that create lags. Charges get turned in days later, and there’s overall more manual work. 

With mobile charge capture, everything is electronic and submitted quickly. Then your medical billers can submit the charges in much less time. On average, mobile charge capture can result in getting paid 32 days faster.

Such a platform also significantly decreases missed charges. Because you have the ability to enter codes at the moment of service, less omissions occur. Delaying entering billing codes can cause you to overlook or miss charges entirely.


As a physician or practice manager, you have a wide selection of mobile charge capture apps to consider. Only DocCharge was designed by physicians for physicians, which means it’s acutely in line with your current workflows. It’s user-friendly and robust, offering more than just charge capture features. Explore how it works today with a 30-day free trial.
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