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DocCharge Physician Productivity
Top Three Mobile Applications for Physician Productivity

With the transition into a digital health era, there is little surprise that mobile charge capture applications are the future. DocCharge provides a return on investment by reducing lost charges and increasing one’s accuracy in coding.

DocCharge Physician Productivity
DocCharge Addresses Gaps in the Current EHR System

One of the largest limitations in the EHR system is a database that can only be accessed securely in-house; leaving out-of-office access to pertinent patient information an unmet need amongst many clinicians.

The 5-Step GTD Approach with DocCharge

Today, we’re bringing this strategy to the health and charge capture platform: helping all individuals in a medical practice (clinicians, billers, practice managers) coordinate together in a timely manner to get things done.

Three Ways To Completely Revamp Medical Practice

Integrating medical technologies may be one of the most powerful ways to improve one’s practice economy sector while simultaneously improving the quality of patient data and patient care.